52 Week Money Savings Challenge – Free Printable

Start the year off with a plan to save more money. The 52 week money savings challenge will increase your savings gradually and you will have $1378 by the end of the challenge!

A common New Year’s resolution is to save more money. We all agree, saving money is not easy. This 52 week money savings challenge is super easy to start, only $1 for the first week!

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52 week money savings challenge

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You are going to think that this is so easy and you just might kick yourself for not starting it ages ago.

Here goes:

Week one, you save $1. Yep, you read that right, one dollar!! How easy is that? Almost anyone can manage to save a dollar a week. Yes, even you can do this.

Then the next week, you save $2. Then the next week, $3. You gradually increase your savings by $1 every week until you get to $52. By that last week, you will have saved $1,378 by this gradual increase. You will barely notice that you were building up this savings account! 


Saving money this way will make it easier for you to get into the swing of saving money, especially if you are not a saver! Don’t start thinking about all of the things you are going to have to cut and oh.my.gosh the budgeting, how am I going to adjust to saving money? Get out of your head and just do it. One more dollar a week until you get to 52. You will figure out a way to reach that goal.

It’s never too late to start saving. Start this 52 week money savings challenge whenever you read this. Start with your next paycheck and put that money away! Lock it up tight. This is a super easy way to start saving money. Print this free 52 week money saving challenge out today and get going!

Remember what “they” say about habits. Keep at this every week and saving money will become a habit for you. It will be easier the next time you have to save money for a specific sinking fund. Imagine how easier your budgeting and life will be when you have money saved for Christmas, or birthdays, or insurance instead of just winging it. 

I am starting this challenge the first week of January and it will be my Christmas Sinking Fund. I used to save $29 per week for Christmas (and all things related), but this year I am going to try this and ease into the savings. We always have more money coming in during November and December than we do in January and February, so this makes perfect sense for us.


I don’t know about you, but I like to have a few different savings accounts. My main savings account for my Emergency Fund is at my main bank. Then I have a savings account just for visiting my son who is in the military. My sinking funds savings accounts are with Capital One. I absolutely love the ease of using Capital One. Everything is online. You can set up multiple savings accounts at no extra cost to you, or you keep all of your savings in one account and keep track of that account with my Sinking Funds Tracker.

Make sure to stash this money in a place where you will not spend it. This cash is earmarked for something, right? Make sure it stays that way and you only use it for that purpose. You can re-evaluate at the end of the 52 week challenge and move some of the money to different sinking funds. That is okay. The main objective here is getting in the groove of saving money every single week.


Hack #1

Many people receive bonuses at the end of the year or a big Christmas gift of cash. Start the challenge backwards, with $52. Heck, fund the whole first 4 or 5 weeks if you have enough to get you rolling. Then you can work your way backwards to $1. Since money can be tight around the holidays for some people, this might work perfectly for you if you start this challenge at the beginning of the year.

Hack #2

Print off this money savings challenge and cross of the weeks in random order. Got a big bonus in the middle of saving? Cross of the big saving weeks. You might have a few low earning weeks also, cross of the smaller saving weeks. Change up the weeks so this challenge works for you. 

Hack #3

Let your banking app handle the process. Qapital has a 52 week savings challenge built right in so the app does all the work for you! 

You can set up automatic transfers every pay period with your main bank. Automatic transfers will work whether you get paid every week, every two weeks, twice a month, once a month, you see where I am going with this.

There are many other little hacks to the 52 week challenge, such as saving the money daily, monthly or even doubling it up. Find whatever works for you and just start saving that money.

Did you know that only 39% of people in the United States can cover a $1000 emergency? Don’t be part of the 61% of Americans that can’t cover a $1000 emergency. Let that little tidbit be your motivation to start saving.

Whether you are building your emergency fund, saving for Christmas, building sinking funds for car repairs or housing repairs, it doesn’t matter the what or the how, it just matters that you save that money.


Be sure to download your free 52 week money savings challenge printable today. Hang it up on your refrigerator, your mirror, wherever you will be reminded to save money and finish the challenge strong! 

If you would like some accountability during this challenge, join my Facebook group – Saving Simply

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