• Thank you! It is hard with kids, my boys played hockey for 13 years. We packed a cooler, always had a snack bag in the car and they knew we did not eat out after games. We bulk cooked on Sundays for the week and planned ahead. Hey, maybe I should write a blog post about this…

  1. Great tips, and easy things to give up… sorta. My wife and I aren’t giving up eating out completely, but we are cutting back about 25% this year.

    • Lori @ My Journey Along the Way

      We have cut back a tremendous amount as well, saving it for only the special occasions like birthday and really important celebrations. Going out to eat should be special, in my humble opinion.

  2. Going out to eat and buying books are hands down the number one problems that I have with spending. I love to read and I love to eat so it is natural for me to want to spend my money on these things. I shudder to imagine how much more I can do with my money if I didn’t always succumb to my wants.

    • Lori McRitchie

      Yes, want vs. need is a huge issue and with the advent of the internet, instant gratification is the new norm unfortunately.

      • Emme

        The library is my choice for books, Plus there are so many classes offered for free at the library from sewing to a book clubs and even ours has woodworking classes. For kids there are puppet shows, story time etc. It took me 7 yrs to get out of credit card debt and that is a huge relief. Now I buy everything almost 2nd hand.

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