1. What great success to celebrate!! I’ve been blogging almost a year and a half and I don’t have that income per month. I think my biggest issue is traffic! Definitely going to Pin this and read your site for more tips 🙂

  2. That’s awesome! I love Carly’s book too and have found manual pinning great for traffic. Suzy has so much useful things on her site although I’ve never taken her course, I’m always checking out her stuff.
    What an fantastic start to blogging!

    • Lori McRitchie

      Thanks Gemma! Carly’s book is fantastic and she is updating it soon! I cannot wait to read her newly discovered ideas and tips.

  3. Very impressive! One question- how do you make so much with google Adsense with 10,000 views? I have similar traffic (11,000 last month) but Adsense only got me $13! Any secret tips??

    • Lori McRitchie

      I honestly have no idea. I have I think 3 ads placed on my page in different places and I am also running an experiment. I know you can change the placement of ads, that may help?

  4. Wow what an amazing first month (well a tiny bit longer) blogging! I’m so impressed!

    Where do you get the majority of your traffic from? Is it Pinterest and if so do you attribute your success to Pinteresting Strategies? I’m on the fence whether to buy or not haha!

    But just under 10,000 pageviews for your first month is crazy!!! Seriously well done!!!

    • Lori McRitchie

      Hi Sammy,

      Thanks!! Yes, the majority of my page views come from Pinterest. I definitely encourage you to purchase Pinteresting Strategies, Carly teaches so much more in depth about the science of Pinterest. The combination of manual and automated pinning has worked well for me. I can see my traffic dip down when I do not manual pin on a daily basis.

      I have tried to read everything I can on generating traffic, creating the best pins that will get noticed and learning to see what works for me and what does not. I guess I should write a blog post about that too!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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