1. One of my favourite planning tips was to have one category for each night and then plan. So, Meatless Mondays, breakfast dinner, chicken, Italian etc. Whatever you wanted and then fit your meals in those slots. When I started using that system meal planning became so much easier for me.

    • Lori McRitchie

      Oh, that’s a tough one! I am better at the store though than my husband, he really goes off the list!

  2. This post is so relevant to my life right now. Thank you for breaking this down into easy ways to create a plan. I love the idea of day themes because I started meal prepping last month and it is extremely hard for me. The crazy part is I am only meal prepping for 2 and it still seems like I am running out of ideas. I will be doing the day themes and trying out your family meal planning sheet. Thank you!

    • Lori McRitchie

      I am so glad that this helps you! Start creating that list of favorite meals and then keep adding to it!

  3. Lori McRitchie

    We cook in bulk as well sometimes, especially during hockey season. Double the recipe and freeze in portions so you can mix it up a little bit.

  4. Lori McRitchie

    I do not like to cook whatsoever! My meal plan is done every week/month with approval from my husband, since he is the grilling King! If this is any clue, my children call me “Mrs. Burns”.

  5. I’ve noticed that when I meal plan, I save money and when I don’t, I waste money. Yet I still have a hard time remember to meal plane BEFORE I go shopping, I don’t know why!

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