How to Save More Money while Shopping Online

I have found plenty of ways to save more money while shopping online. I have been shopping online since the beginning of time, well, at least since the beginning of online shopping. I have a lot of experience finding the deals and bargains and saving money while shopping online.

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The best tips to save more money while shopping online

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How to Save More Money while Shopping Online

I started using Amazon when they first arrived on the scene. I absolutely loved being able to see everything in one place and qualifying for free shipping as well. Now there are so many options and ways to compare prices and save money while shopping online! Once you come up with your own system to make sure that you are getting the lowest price available, it will become a breeze to save money. 

The Queen of Deals, that’s me! I always bargain shop, whether online or in the store. My family all knows to check with me, because I can find it on sale or I have a coupon or a savings code. My mother in law is always amazed at the deals I get on everything from housewares to clothes to groceries. There are so many online shopping hacks! 

My 20 year old daughter never pays full price for anything when she is out shopping. She knows how to look for the deals and save money. Her friends even ask her how she does it! She tells them that her Momma taught her everything!

You can save so much time and money (yes, I did just say that) while shopping online. Do you have kids? You know what it is like trying to run from store to store finding all of the sales with kids in tow. It is not fun!

One of the best reasons to shop online now is free pick-up in the store! I love shopping online and using ship to store or free pick-up. You can find the cheapest prices, combine them with online coupon codes and my three favorite tools below, and not get out of your pajamas! 

No impulse purchases when shopping online either. You are not wandering around the store, looking for that one thing, and loading your shopping cart with other good deals. Keep your eye on the prize! 

So Where Do I Start Saving Money While Shopping Online?

I always start with a list. It doesn’t matter what I am shopping for, I write it down. Whether you want to go old school and use paper and pen, or create a list on your phone, it doesn’t matter.

Type that product that you are looking for into your favorite search engine and start from there. Usually along the top of the search results you will see a whole bunch of options with websites and prices. That is a great place to start narrowing down your search for the best price. I open a few different tabs and check every website I can. 

One of my first stops as well is Amazon. Don’t forget, you have to factor in shipping too. I have Amazon Prime and it pays for itself just at Christmas alone. You can get a free trial of Amazon Prime for 30 days below: 

My 3 Favorite Tools for Saving Money Online

I have 3 extensions installed on my browser: Ebates, Honey and Swagbucks.

Every time I search a product and go to that product’s page, those 3 buttons flash and honk and blink at me, getting my attention. I can always be assured that I get the best prices and I get money back on eligible purchases. 

Ebates – If you are not using Ebates, you could be missing out on a bunch of cash back! So many online stores partner with Ebates. It is completely free to use and earn cash back while shopping. 

It is so easy to use. Just sign up for Ebates here and you could get cash back on your next purchase!  

So this is how Ebates works: 

You simply go to the online store that you want to shop from, and as long as you have the Ebates extension activated on your browser, a little pop-up will flash at you to activate your shopping trip. A few days after your purchase, Ebates will deposit money in your account. Once you reach the payout level, BAM, there is your check in the mail! 

You can receive a bonus when first signing up, so be sure to make your first purchase through Ebates within 30 days. 

Why would you say no to free money? 

Swagbucks – You can use Swagbucks in the same exact way as Ebates. Again, make sure the Swagbutton browser extension is installed on your browser. When you shop at a participating store, Swagbucks will alert you and you can activate your shopping trip. Both the Ebates and Swagbucks buttons pop up for me and I compare the two. Whichever gives me a better percentage of cash back, that is the one I go with. 

If you have extra time on your hands, you can earn extra money with Swagbucks as well by participating in surveys, watching videos and my favorite, printing coupons. You just print your coupons through Swagbucks and you earn even more once you redeem the coupon! (Need to learn how to get started in couponing? Here is my Couponing 101 guide.) 

Join Swagbucks!


Honey – Once you have the browser extension installed, Honey will automatically find coupon codes for you. They participate with over 30,000 shopping sites! 

Honey and Amazon work together as well. Honey will compare all of the top Amazon sellers for you and make sure that you are getting the best price out there. How cool is that? Saving even more money on Amazon!

You will also earn an extra $5 with your first purchase. More free money!


More Online Shopping Hacks: 


Use the shopping cart to get the best prices

Add your items to the shopping cart on any website and let them sit there for a few days. The prices may drop during that time. Just keep watching it periodically. Some sites will email you about price drops of items in your shopping cart. Patience, my friend! 

Use credit cards with cash back

First, if you use credit cards, please use them wisely and not to rack up more debt.

It is so easy to earn cash back with credit cards, but don’t get so caught up in earning that you forget to pay the bill before the interest cycles. Then you are not earning money by using your credit cards, it is actually costing you money at this point!

Shop around for the best cash back credit cards. NerdWallet has a great guide for the best credit cards of 2019. 

Shop on the right days of the week

Retailers often do markdowns on certain days of the week. Online retailers are no different and their clearance section will expand on those days. Combine clearance with a percentage off coupon and free shipping – WIN WIN!!

Dynamic Pricing

Well, what the heck even is that? Remember how your computer stores cookies? Well, those websites remember if you have visited and looked at certain items. If you clear your browsing history, you will be considered a “new” customer and you might get better pricing. You can also open a page incognito and you may get better pricing that way too.

Final Tip for Saving More Money while Shopping Online

Stick with your budget! Don’t go overboard because you found such a great deal, thinking you might as well buy a couple at the price. Or you just keep finding great deals and start spending money that you don’t have. We can all get caught up in the magic and ease of shopping online, and especially bargain hunting, but it will always come back to your budget. You have a certain dollar amount to spend on a certain item. Do your research, wait for it to go on sale and ignore instant gratification. It will be worth it in the end!

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